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  • The FEEL range of over grips include Pro Over grip perforated and Pro Over grip Sensation. The FEEL range of Replacement grips include SublimeCushion Aire classic contour and Premium Leather. You can really feel the racket handle and get sensations back from the racket with these grips. Generally super thin or with perforations.
  • The COMFORT range of over grips include the classic Pro Over grips, which are favoured by the worlds best players including Serena Williams and Roger Federer. Choose profile ones for extra tack and grip. Comfort replacement grips include Cushion Aire Classic sponge, Shock shield hybrid and Cushion pro.
  • The ABSORBENT range of over grips include the Advantage and Pro Soft over grips. Absorbent range replacement grips include the Cushion Aire classic perforated and the Micro-dry + comfort.

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