1,496.25 AED

100% Carbon

0% fiberglass

HARD rubber

Matt sandpaper effect varnish

Length:                   455mm

Height:                      260mm

Profile:                      38mm

Weight Gr.:   350-380g
Power: 100%
Control: 100%
Agility: 97

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The VEGA racket is a new model this year in the A22 Legacy Graphene collection with a hard rubber for those looking for greater ball control, expanding its features with the FaceTense Drill System that makes the racket fire more by having more stress on the plane. The only racket on the market with 5K (5 layers of carbon per face). It is a product that is endowed with the highest performance.
Created with structural reinforcements in the profile to stabilize the racket frame, making it more rigid, giving it more power and resistance to side impacts. A special protector has been developed to reduce weight and make it faster, a new circular drilling and a new heart that improves aerodynamics and turbulence, so the hit is firmer, more agile and lighter.
GRAPHENE INSIDE . Our R&D team has developed a new technology that has been incorporated into this new Cobra 21 collection. With the Graphene Inside technology and the tests submitted to our material, we have obtained a 20% higher performance in power, elasticity and durability.
This innovative technology together with our Legacy manufacturing system is the perfect combination to distance ourselves even further from the rest of the brands in the sector.
All this is the result of multiple tests carried out over the years at our facilities and factory in Madrid.
LEGACY MANUFACTURING SYSTEM . New system developed by Akkeron, to increase the performance of the product. The LEGACY system is unique in the world of paddle tennis, it improves product performance and resistance and durability. MADE IN SPAIN.
5K TECHNOLOGY . High quality 5-layer carbon fusion
PRESSED PLANS . It allows us to merge the 5K and ensure its highest performance.
HARD EVA RUBBER . The HARD is a new hard rubber, it gives more power than the previous ones but the timing is lower than the previous ones.
REINFORCED TUBES . System of reinforced tubes throughout the blade to strengthen it against impacts and distribute weight in a unique way.
MADE IN SPAIN . All our paddle rackets are manufactured in our factory in Madrid (Spain).
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