Royal Padel Whip Hybrid 790 APT Shovel

740.00 AED

Brand: Royal Padel

Model: Whip Hybrid 790 APT

Colour:  Black, Red

Balance:  Medium

Shape:  Round

Rubber:  EVA

Weight: 370gr +/-10

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It is a control racket that comes to give you the best performance and high performance during the game. The ideal racket for players who enjoy paddle tennis competitions.

It is made with a bidirectional tubular fiberglass frame and carbon reinforcements that ensure better resistance and durability.

The planes have a sandpaper finish that helps to achieve optimal control of the ball. The high-density polyethylene core has EVA reinforcements, in addition, it is covered with aluminized fiberglass impregnating epoxy resin that includes titanium oxide.

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